1. When I try to wink it looks like I'm having an eye spasm
  2. I can only fall asleep to the sound of helicopters
  3. My favorite animal is a dolphin
  4. I can only watch movies in the theater
  5. I need more sleep than the average person
  6. I'm a night owl
  7. I love exploring and trying new things
  8. I'm a listaholic and a chocoholic
  9. Cities make me feel alive
  10. I can speak Spanish fluently and I listen to Spanish music
  11. I can't sing, but I love singing
  12. I'm socially liberal
  13. I don't like dramatic movies or tv shows
  14. I love to dance
  15. I'm at level 2 in French on Duolingo
  16. I'm an organized procrastinator
  17. I love fashion and appreciate meaningful art that helps me learn more about the world
  18. I read my horoscope weekly (my favorites are the daily horoscope app and cosmopolitan weekly horoscopes on Snapchat)
  19. I'm impulsive and a silent non rule-follower
  20. I'm drawn to guys that are social and humorous
  21. I believe in equality for all
  22. I never add salt or cheese to my food, just pepper
  23. I love cupcakes
  24. I dislike being cold
  25. Sometimes my fingernails turn purple when I get cold
  26. I only like floral perfumes
  27. My favorite cologne is Blue de Chanel, but I also like the smell of Axe
  28. Gummy candy is my favorite
  29. I'm a feminist
  30. My favorite flower is an orchid
  31. I love romantic, sad movies
  32. I'm a dare devil
  33. I want to own a pink Vespa someday
  34. I'm addicted to avocados and avocado toast
  35. I love listening to music that critiques society
  36. I love public speaking and leadership
  37. I can be basic
  38. I love writing
  39. I have only one long-time grudge
  40. My favorite candies are the red ones
  41. I love talking to people on the phone and handwritten letters
  42. I'm a healthy foodie
  43. I can be somewhat sarcastic
  44. I love the water
  45. I wish I were more of a nature person
  46. I'm a northerner at heart
  47. Instagram and Pinterest are my favorite social media sites
  48. I'm into nutrition
  49. I'm super flexible