1. Being white is the standard of beauty
  2. The climidia rate among latinos is 2.1 times the rate of white people, and the Ghonorrhea rate is 1.9x greater
  3. Sex is not talked about with parents
  4. Making fun of your friends means you're close
  5. Compadres are close friends that are almost brothers
  6. "machismo" is the idea that men are strong might and powerful
  7. Familisimo: significance of family
  8. Factors affecting the behavior of latinos include: personalismo y simpatico (nice to strangers), familismo (loyalty to family), fatalismo (accept what comes their way as fate), machismo
  9. Hierarchical societies
  10. "respecto" is stressed for anyone above yourself
  11. family hierarchies
  12. relaxed about time
  13. religion (90% of Latin Americans are Christian)
  14. about colorism in Latin America