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Hey yall. I'm back. What a time to be alive. I'm playing Sims on my phone & take screenshots of the weird, weird shit that goes on
  1. i can only imagine the screenshots our simulation overlords have of us
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Ok. So its been such a long time I can't be bothered to look up when I last posted. (Inspired by @brittscott)
  1. Since I last posted a List I have:
  2. Joined a sketch comedy group
  3. Quit the fucking cafe
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  1. "No one is looking at you. Everyone's too busy looking at themselves."
    As someone with social anxiety, I almost always think ppl are staring at me and judging everything I do. This lil nugget of truth really spoke to me.
  2. "Tell him boy, bye" - Beyonce
    Never settle. It hurts, but its so much better than hanging around an idiot who doesn't give a shit about you.
  3. "You're a badass, grown ass woman. If you want to talk to him, talk to him. Say whatever you're thinking and he'll either get it or he won't."
    And if he doesn't get your humor/feelings/emotions/life/personality TELL HIM BOY BYE
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  1. The guy I might be seeing won't text me first. Ever. Literally ever.
    I want to be all "IDGAF if he's not into this," but I definitely do GAF.
  2. He also isn't following me on Instagram.
    So he's not seeing my 🔥 selfies. But I don't want him to only be interested in that.
  3. When people sometimes pronounce "s" sounds with a lisp and sometimes don't.
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  1. "Make Me..." BRITNEY SPEARS feat g-eazy was released today
  2. I honestly knew nothing about it/didn't care to hear it
  3. Then. I. Listened.
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I know I'm in the bottom .01% on here, but a little respect!
  1. Apparently lil ol' me is TRENDING
  2. Where the hell is my falling confetti screen?
  3. Why didn't I get the celebration the important li.st people get??
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  1. "now don't go scaring your boyfriend/girlfriend off"
  2. *customer gets weirdly angry at a person working in food service/retail*
  3. any variation of Pro-Trump at all
    PS can we plz make anti-trump hats that do this? Fun DIY
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Shavasana is the part at the end of yoga where you lay on the ground quietly. Its supposed to be relaxing and restorative and it sometimes works out like that for me. Not today.
  1. Had a mini daydream about a dream I had once where I dated Joe Jonas
    I was in 8th grade and I wished SO HARD that when you had a dream about someone they had the same dream so somewhere he would be like "Dang, I had a dream with this v amazing girl. I must find her!!!!!"
  2. Hoped my leggings aren't getting see-through
    I've had them for 6 months, soooo. Probably more sheer than I'd care for.
  3. Caught myself nearly asleep and twitched so forcefully I scared myself fully awake and aware
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Getting real serious. Getting real heavy. Getting real real. Inspired by @drugs and her fucking amazing openness.
  1. I go to a different CVS to buy condoms/Plan B
    I go to my CVS so often, I feel uncomfortable going to them for sex things. Also this is clearly a product of a society that shames women for having sex.
  2. I think I'm a badass lady who any guy would be lucky to date, but I still ask my girl friends how I should word a text
    Or why he wouldn't respond or why he would dump me for his ex
  3. I've only just figured out that sex should be pleasurable for BOTH of us. And me giving direction should be welcomed
    Liiike this guy I'm kind of seeing is SO into making it about me & I'm only 5% uncomfortable with that
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