1. "No one is looking at you. Everyone's too busy looking at themselves."
    As someone with social anxiety, I almost always think ppl are staring at me and judging everything I do. This lil nugget of truth really spoke to me.
  2. "Tell him boy, bye" - Beyonce
    Never settle. It hurts, but its so much better than hanging around an idiot who doesn't give a shit about you.
  3. "You're a badass, grown ass woman. If you want to talk to him, talk to him. Say whatever you're thinking and he'll either get it or he won't."
    And if he doesn't get your humor/feelings/emotions/life/personality TELL HIM BOY BYE
  4. "I'm not even fucking around. You are not the problem. LA is the worst possible place to date."
    As hard as I try to not let myself feel like there's something wrong with me, I do. I'm just tired of having things be really good (or so I think) just to have him say he doesn't "do" relationships or he's waiting for something better to come along.
  5. "Tell yourself what you'd tell me." - my sister
    I always tell her its the guy's loss and she's going to learn from that experience. I see now why she can think I'm so annoying.
  6. "Never drive anywhere without at least packing real shoes." - my dad
    "If you get stranded, you're gonna regret only having flip flops or those no-arch-support shoes" - still Dad