Getting real serious. Getting real heavy. Getting real real. Inspired by @drugs and her fucking amazing openness.
  1. I go to a different CVS to buy condoms/Plan B
    I go to my CVS so often, I feel uncomfortable going to them for sex things. Also this is clearly a product of a society that shames women for having sex.
  2. I think I'm a badass lady who any guy would be lucky to date, but I still ask my girl friends how I should word a text
    Or why he wouldn't respond or why he would dump me for his ex
  3. I've only just figured out that sex should be pleasurable for BOTH of us. And me giving direction should be welcomed
    Liiike this guy I'm kind of seeing is SO into making it about me & I'm only 5% uncomfortable with that
  4. I'm beginning to exit my "happy period" where I'm "handling" my depression & anxiety & eating disorder, and starting to hit the 3-week span where getting out of bed 30 mins before work is an accomplishment
    I still refuse to look for therapists bc that's what this shit does. Makes you think you can handle it all and then tells you "well you made it through the downhill, rock bottom before. you're good"
  5. I know what I'm capable of and that I'm talented, but even writing that feel narcissistic
  6. I don't know how to say "I like you, do you like me?" without sounding like I'm in middle school
    But I really want to know
  7. I read A LOT, but I almost exclusively read YA fiction
    Partly bc those are the roles I'd get cast in, but also bc they're fun
  8. Most of the time I want to order chicken fingers/cheese quesadilla but change my mind bc I'm almost 25
  9. I read a news article (or just the heading) and think I'm good
    This is the one that annoys me the most.
  10. I wander Target and want all the home goods things, but $40 for anything is too much for me
  11. My entire "look" is buying things as cheap as possible and hoping they look more expensive
    My entire makeup collection is less than $60. Brushes and all.
  12. I bought a fake leather jacket from Target and it squeaks and I wear it all the fucking time. Just squeaking
    I love that jacket more than most things.
  13. Splitting the bill equally between a group is so stupid