Shavasana is the part at the end of yoga where you lay on the ground quietly. Its supposed to be relaxing and restorative and it sometimes works out like that for me. Not today.
  1. Had a mini daydream about a dream I had once where I dated Joe Jonas
    I was in 8th grade and I wished SO HARD that when you had a dream about someone they had the same dream so somewhere he would be like "Dang, I had a dream with this v amazing girl. I must find her!!!!!"
  2. Hoped my leggings aren't getting see-through
    I've had them for 6 months, soooo. Probably more sheer than I'd care for.
  3. Caught myself nearly asleep and twitched so forcefully I scared myself fully awake and aware
  4. Said a prayer to my brother
  5. Ran lines in my head
  6. Realized my face was also running lines and I looked like a psych patient lying on her back, staring at the ceiling, having a conversation only with her face
    My character IS in a psych ward, so that part is ok
  7. Sneezed
    Heard 2 people gasp sooo
  8. Ruined (at least) 2 other people's Shavasanas
    Ending a tough yoga class in Shavasana is ideal. Ending Shavasana being startled by a rogue yogi's sneeze is not.