Currently attempting to walk in new heels and am spiraling out about all the things I should really be doing in my life.
  1. Walk in high heels
    I finally own professional, grown up heels and I walk around like a damn fool
  2. Go to the mechanic
    I go for oil changes, but its time I suck it up and get the rest checked out
  3. Stop saying, "Some times you just crave Applebee's."
    No one does. You live in LA. There are better fries.
  4. Have someone take a long time to respond/never respond and not assume they hate me
    That's my anxiety, but still.
  5. Organize my receipts and pay stubs
  6. My hair in more than 3 ways
    Purely bc I'm bored with my looks
  7. Fall asleep before 1am
  8. Shopping outside of the Juniors' secton
    VERY hard to do because I'm very short and most adult clothes, and even a lot of "petite" clothes are too big.
  9. Embrace looking young and trust people will know my intelligence and strength despite the ruse of my face
  10. Accept I don't care enough about youths to keep learning their culture