Spending time with my cat Curry is quite similar to the time I spend with my toddler niece and nephew.
  1. Both follow you everywhere, including the bathroom.
  2. They cry if you close the door on them and stick their hand underneath for optimum pity.
  3. Both enjoy knocking items off shelves and ledges.
  4. Both love to wake you up early
  5. They thoroughly enjoy being involved with your meals, whether insisting to see whats cooking on the stove or sticking hands in your food.
  6. Both refuse sleep as long as possible
  7. They lash out when overstimulated, which often manifests as biting.
  8. Both enjoy water, but on their own terms.
  9. They enjoy being held for short, undetermined amounts of time before squirming out of your arms.
  10. Sometimes, they just walk around meowing for no reason.
  11. Both enjoy doing something naughty and daring you to choose between laughter and scolding.
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