Things and works of art that strike a chord in a deep way
  1. Salad de uyuni. First time encountered: Julian Arni's photos
  2. Swing Tree. First time encountered: Pandora station senior spring. Was walking down Plympton Street past Harvard Book Store
  3. Viking ship art overlooking the earth from space. First time encountered: Top floor of Whitney museum
  4. Scene in Pirates of the Caribbean when the ship sails through water with stars reflected, then the scene flips and the ship is sailing through space and time. From wikia: "Before reaching the falls, they sailed through waters that reflected the stars so perfectly that it was nearly impossible to find the horizon."
  5. The portraits of Thomas Cromwell and Thomas More facing off. First time encountered: Frick Collection
  6. Pachelbel Canon in D. First time encountered: Played during reading time at Kirkwood, while I read books about the planets and space
  7. Animorphs books, especially the last ones. First time encountered: In 10th grade when Joe read them. I would read them in the old blue chair instead of doing homework. The part about the Ellimist and Crayak and parting the clouds, and the only Andalite taken over by a visser
  8. Ender's Game, when Val says I love you forever, and when the Hive Queen says, we never came back but the humans did not forgive us and we will surely die. First time encountered: 7th grade
  9. Ghostwritten by David Mitchell. The tea shack and the tree, whispering to the old lady who wasn't crazy at all, who knew what a satellite was when it hadn't even been launched yet. Mei guessed it would be my favorite. First time encountered: Fall 2012 after reading Cloud Atlas. I remember mapping out the stories in my first London room, Citadines