1. Where You Lead, Gilmore Girls
    Whenever I hear this song, which is often because it's in my iTunes's top 25 most played, I get that twang of nostalgia. I always felt life would be better/happier if I grew up in Stars Hollow instead of the suburbs. ☕️👭❤️
  2. I'll Be There For You, Friends
    Between 2005 when it went off the air and 2015 when it came on Netflix, no one really watched Friends on purpose. But thanks to syndication and that coveted time slot after school and before dinner, I've somehow seen every episode. Monica and Chandler 5ever ❤️👫
  3. Thank You For Being A Friend, Golden Girls
    While everyone else was on Nick at Night watching George Lopez and reruns of the Amanda Show, I was livin it up on TV Land with Dorothy and her home girls.
  4. The Fresh Prince of Bell Air
    To be honest, I was a casual watcher. But obviously I knew every word of this song because that is what the cool kids did
  5. The Office
    I don't know what it was about middle aged mundane office life that teenagers were drawn to but my friends and I loved this show. Maybe because there are some subtle parallels to Michael's office and the struggle of feeling like an outsider in school. This song was my ring tone on my phone that flipped BOTH WAYS for like four years