Inspired by @ladyprofessor
  1. My Caboodle!
    Still have it. Still love it.
  2. Malibu Musk
    Still have some and love smelling it every once in awhile.
  3. Electric Youth Perfume
    Still have some of this too!
  4. Fazz Makeup/Jewelry
    I had lots of this stuff! Loved it!
  5. Esprit
  6. Swatch Watch
    This was the one I had! I loved that watch so much.
  7. Plastic Charm Necklaces
  8. Big Plastic Chip Clips
    I had pretty fine hair, so these never worked too well for me, but I always wanted them in every color.
  9. Big Bows
    Bonus if they were that polyester-chiffon type fabric!
  10. Hand-painted Shirts by My Mom
    This was just one of the many, many, many shirts my mom made for me!
  11. Plastic Shorts
    I had these shorts in every color. Usually worn with biker shorts underneath. My favorite combo was navy plastic shorts with shiny Spandex magenta bikers. They went with everything! Bonus if you wore them with a hand-painted shirt.
  12. Rave Hairspray
    I went through so much of this stuff.
  13. Spiral Perms
    I had a perm from 1st grade-4th grade. Yep.
  14. Multicolored Slouchy Socks
    Alternating colors on each foot, of course.
  15. White Keds
    They had to be real Keds with the blue rubber tag on the heel. I got some off-brand ones once, and it was pretty terrible.
  16. Curly Shoelaces
    To wear with the Keds
  17. Get In Shape Girl Workout Attire
    I had so many of these Get In Shape Girl sets, and the girls on the box always looked so cool! I wanted all of their outfits.
  18. Debbie Gibson Hats
    I wanted one of these so bad! Also the beret with the pin, like on the cover of Electric Youth
  19. Denim Jacket with Buttons and Pins
    I did this with my denim jacket and always felt so cool when I wore it.
  20. I could go on and on. I loved growing up in the 80s! 😎