Continued from Part 2...
  1. Cody. He's my age and is in my team at school.
  2. He's super cute (cute enough to be called hot, which is pretty extreme).
  3. He does the hair thing.
  4. He wears skinny jeans (another thing that I'm attracted to).
  5. He has brown hair (Tyler does too, just so you know...). I've always liked guys with brown hair.
  6. He also has a little bit of stubble. Just a little bit of hair around his face, which makes him look more mature and cuter too.
  7. He's a goof off kinda guy and gets in trouble a lot, and not to mention he's popular, which isn't exactly a good thing.
  8. But he has his serious side too. Sometimes he randomly stops talking and stares into space for awhile, like he's concentrating very hard.
  9. On Friday, he stood right next to me in line (the closest we've ever been), and then when I was talking to my friend Stephanie, he popped his head in our conversation and made a cool/weird noise, which he does quite often because he's just a weirdo like that, but I think it's cute.
  10. I could have sworn there's been sometimes when he's looked directly at me.
  11. I also heard that he wasn't very popular anymore with the girls, which I don't understand, because to me, he looks like every girl's dream guy.
  12. To be concluded in Part 4...