Continued from Part 3...
  1. Moving on, there is Keaton.
  2. He's my age, goes to my school, and he has the same co-curr schedule as me.
  3. As far as I heard, he's also a goof-off and hits it off well with the girls as well.
  4. I also heard he's flunking language arts (which, in my opinion, is one of the easiest subjects in school, except lunch, which isn't even considered a subject at all).
  5. I also heard Tyler was flunking a lot of classes too, and not to mention I've also heard stuff about him being gay and a perv, but I guess I must like him enough to move past those things.
  6. Anyways, back to Keaton. Yeah, for Valentine's Day, he got a candy gram from someone, and they put question marks instead of a name. They could have at least put Secret Admirer. Anyways, he thinks I sent it, because he knows I like him.
  7. But the thing is, I used to like him. Centuries ago. I got over it. He didn't realize me until the moment I'd moved on. I'd actually considered sending a candy gram to Cody secretly, but I hadn't thought about Keaton at all.
  8. I think I'm eliminating this guy.
  9. And here's another guy who never even came close to being in my circle of crushes. Lynna's nine year old brother, Brandon. He likes me, and it gets on my nerves. He kisses and hugs me. He told me he loves me. He tells me I'm hot/beautiful, but nothing will make me like him. He's annoying and definitely out of the picture.
  10. Well, I'm done telling you about the guys, and here are the two guys I've narrowed it down to:
  11. 1. Tyler
  12. 2. Cody
  13. There are things about them both that throw me off, but who's more for me??? That's my only question that is yet to be answered.
  14. THIS IS THE END OF THE DIARY 😔 I'm so sad she didn't fill up the entire book, but I'm so happy with what she left for us to enjoy! Feel free to cast your votes for her perfect guy, and/or make predictions as to how the love story should end!