Inspired by @abbsolutelyNot
  1. Paula Abdul
    My very first concert! 1992, the summer after 5th grade. Color Me Badd opened for her.
  2. Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band
    I was deep in my Beatles obsession in 8th grade, so I was so excited to see my first Beatle in real life! Our friend's dad worked at the concert venue, so we were able to move up to the third row after the concert had started. During "Yellow Submarine", my friend and I swear that Ringo smiled, pointed right at us, and gave us a thumbs up. We died!!!
  3. The Doobie Brothers (2x)
    The first time I saw them, Michael McDonald played with them, and The Steve Miller Band opened. The second time, Lynyrd Skynyrd opened.
  4. Boston (2x)
    Styx opened for them one of those times.
  5. Styx (2x)
    Peter Frampton opened one time, and Foreigner and Kansas were there the second time.
  6. Elton John and Billy Joel
    They performed a "Face to Face" tour when I was in 8th grade. I went with one of my best friends, and we were so sad they didn't let us bring in the awesome posters we had made to hold up 😂
  7. Elton John
    Saw him by himself later on as an adult. SO good.
  8. Billy Joel
    Saw him by himself later on as an adult. SO good.
  9. Hall & Oates
    Michael McDonald opened. I am a much bigger Hall & Oates fan now than when I saw them years ago. I would love to see them again!
  10. Paul McCartney (2x)
    I took my dad for his birthday the first time and @KikiHines for her birthday the second time. He's just the best and my favorite Beatle!
  11. New Kids on the Block (2x)
    This was after their comeback. @KikiHines and I loved them when we were little but never got to see them in concert until we were adults. It was amazing. I cried.
  12. "Back To Old School" with Jordan Knight, P.M. Dawn, All-4-One, and a guy from 97 Degrees
    This was such a fun concert, and @KikiHines and I got to go to the meet and greet and meet all the performers, but meeting Jordan Knight was for sure the highlight!
  13. Kiss
    Poison opened. I had a friend that worked at a local radio station, so we were able to get free tickets to several concerts. This was one of those concerts.
  14. Chicago (2x)
    The first time they were with Earth, Wind, & Fire, and the second time Huey Lewis & The News opened.
  15. Rush
  16. Deep Purple
    With Joe Satriani and Thin Lizzy
  17. The Beach Boys
  18. Steely Dan
    Michael McDonald opened
  19. Mariah Carey
    This was another long awaited concert. @KikiHines and I had been fans since her first album but didn't get to see her live until 2006.
  20. Stevie Wonder
    I took my dad to this concert, and it was awesome.
  21. Journey
    Heart and Cheap Trick opened
  22. Matt Nathanson (2x)
    Introduced to him by @KikiHines
  23. Better Than Ezra (2x)
    Introduced to them by @KikiHines
  24. Green River Ordinance (2x)
    I actually saw them more than two times, but it was probably only a few times in real concert venues. They were from our city and friends of ours, so we saw them a lot.
  25. Foster the People
    This is the only concert I've ever actually been to with my husband. Most of my concert going days were when I was younger and single. I need to fix that!