Some of my very favorite childhood Christmas presents that I totally wish I still had. Feel free to add your favorites!
  1. Get In Shape Girl
    I had several of these sets. I loved all of them, but my favorite part was dressing up in cute leotards and leg warmers.
  2. Talk 'N Play
    This was so fun! I had lots of different book/tape sets. My favorite was The Animal Rock Band. Anyone else remember this??
  3. My Little Pony Show Stable
    Barbies were fun, but I was way more into My Little Pony. This was the one "big" Pony thing I had.
  4. Rainbow Brite Colorforms
    Oh my goodness, I loved these so much! That fold-out land seemed so huge! I really want to find these on eBay for my daughter.
  5. I had this exact mini travel set
    Suggested by @kate81
  6. Girl's World
    When I didn't get this for my birthday, I entered a competition in a local newspaper to win one (didn't win), so I asked my parents to get it for me for Christmas... I bet that scary face looked even worse after a "Diva aged 10 makeover" *shudders*
    Suggested by @Diplomatic_diva
  7. Samantha
    I wanted an American Girl doll for years and but never got one because I was too young. My sister and cousin both had them and when I finally got Samantha I was so excited. I played with Samantha sooooo much throughout my childhood. 💛💛💛
    Suggested by @lesleyann
  8. She-ra castle
    Suggested by @shanaz
  9. Fashion Plates!
    I had hours of fun creating outfits, mixing and matching patterns and colors and pieces!
    Suggested by @jhope71
  10. Pound Puppy! My mom thought she was done scrapping for toys after the Cabbage Patch run of Christmas 1983...but she was wrong.
    Side note: why were we all about these abandoned and orphaned back stories?
    Suggested by @ameliaville
  11. I remember the Christmas Gameboy Color's came out, I really wanted one, and my dad did the dad-thing to do, and told me to open my last present. It was this game, Pokémon Yellow, and he told me they were sold out of the Gameboy's and I had to wait until they were in stock. Then... "hey I think there may be another present hiding under the tree"
    Suggested by @naughtyedamame
  12. Batman Wayne Manor/ Batcave Set
    Suggested by @chriscady