Some of my very favorite movies that I first saw at a very young age up through about 12 years old. Favorite Movies of My Middle School and High School Years list here: FAVORITE MOVIES OF MY MIDDLE SCHOOL AND HIGH SCHOOL YEARS
  1. Troop Beverly Hills
    If you asked me my absolute favorite movie of my childhood, it would be this. I loved (and still love) this movie so very much. I remember picking this movie out with my mom at the video store because it looked cute, and we watched it that night. It was the best thing I had ever seen! We rented it a lot, and finally I got to own my own VHS copy once my parents ordered it for me for Christmas (it was way more difficult finding certain movies to buy in the early 90s).
  2. Annie
    There was a copy of this movie, recorded off TV, at my grandparents' house. My cousin @KikiHines and I used to watch it together there all the time!
  3. Rags to Riches
    I'm calling this a movie because we were able to rent it at our video store, but it was actually the pilot episode of the Rags to Riches TV show and was movie length. I loved this movie so so much. I rented it every time one of my friends came over, and I introduced it to more of my friends at my 2nd grade birthday slumber party. I wanted to be the Rags to Riches girls. They were so cool!
  4. The Parent Trap
    This was my mom's favorite movie, so she introduced it to me at a very young age. I loved it but remember being confused about how Hayley Mills could play both twins.
  5. Freaky Friday
    The original with Jodie Foster. My grandmother had recorded this movie off of the Disney Channel or some other cable channel, and we got to watch it every time we went to her house. Soon after, she started recording all sorts of movies for us, and we would get to borrow them for a few months and then return them so she could record more. It was a pretty nice deal since we didn't have cable growing up.
  6. The Nutty Professor
    The original with Jerry Lewis. This was another movie I was introduced to when my grandmother recorded it for us. I loved it and went on to enjoy many other Jerry Lewis movies, but this was always my favorite.
  7. Psycho
    I saw this for the first time when I was in 6th grade. I had a friend spend the night, and we rented it to watch. I assured my mom it would be fine since it was such an old movie, not like current horror movies. My mom and brother watched it with us, and it was awesome. This was the beginning of my love for Alfred Hitchcock movies. That same friend and I would get a different one to watch every time we had sleepovers.
  8. Adventures in Babysitting
    This might have been the first PG-13 movie I ever saw, and I was so excited to watch it! I was at a sleepover at my friend's downtown Dallas high rise apartment, and we sat on her parents' bed with the Dallas nighttime skyline out the window. It was such an awesome backdrop for this movie!
  9. Pee-Wee's Big Adventure
    I loved this movie, but I was so scared of the Large Marge scene and would have to leave the room at that part. I can handle it now. 😊
  10. Misery
    This was one of the few R rated movies I saw as a child. I'm not sure how I saw it the first time, but it became one of the movies we would watch at big slumber parties. I loved watching it with people who had never seen it. It was so fun knowing what was coming and watching their reactions! Since then, I've come to love a lot of horror movies, but this is still one of my very favorites.
  11. What About Bob?
    I remember seeing this movie in the theater and thought it was so funny! It is still one of my all-time favorite comedies.