One of my favorite board games growing up was Girl Talk Date Line, a spinoff of the original Girl Talk. The game included teen cards which were used to mix and match to make dates. These are the guy teen cards. Which guy would you pick???
  1. Trent
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    Loves: Country Music, Horses; Hates: Heavy Metal Music
  2. Matt
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    Loves: Math, Football; Hates: Double-Dating, Haircuts
  3. Kirk
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    Loves: Kung Fu Movies; Hates: Tests, Dressing Up
  4. Jason
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    Loves: Traveling, Staying Up Late; Hates: TV Soap Operas
  5. Eric
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    Loves: Tennis, Water Skiing; Hates: Shopping Malls
  6. Brad
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    Loves: Surfing, James Dean; Hates: Gossip, Small Talk
  7. Homer
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    Loves: Computer Club, Collecting Bugs; Hates: Sports, School Dances
  8. Drew
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    Loves: Music, Sports Cars; Hates: Blind Dates, Health Food
  9. Adam
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    Loves: Girls, Soccer; Hates: Country Music
  10. Scott
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    Loves: Playing Practical Jokes, Drama Club; Hates: Boring Parties
  11. Joel
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    Loves: Hanging Out, Ski Club; Hates: Diet Soda, Rainy Days