🔁 = Movie I've seen before
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    Beauty and the Beast
    🔁 Our church had a fun family event where they showed this movie. It was the first time my two year old daughter got to see it. So fun!
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    Hell or High Water
    Once Oscar nominations came out, I tried to see several Best Picture nominees. I really liked this one! It reminded me of No Country For Old Men, which I love!
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    😭😭😭We saw this on our Valentine's date. Lots of tears, but so good.
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    Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief
    My husband and I are so intrigued by all the crazy Scientology stuff after watching Leah Remini's show. This was fascinating.
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    I had never seen this! So cute. We watched it with our daughter for Valentine's Day after giving her a Rapunzel doll.
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    La La Land
    LOVE! It's a little hard to get out to the movie theater as much as I'd like right now with a two year old and three month old, but we make it work. I saw this one afternoon while my husband watched the kids, and then he got to see it one night while I stayed home. It's a great way to see movies right now.
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    Hello, My Name is Doris
    We had free HBO for a weekend recently, and I recorded a bunch of movies. This was one of them. Pretty funny!
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    The Boss
    Laughed out loud several times.
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    Britney Ever After
    Britney Lifetime movie?!? Oh yes.
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    Sing Street
    Loved this! I've been listening to Drive It Like You Stole It on repeat.
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    Life, Animated
    Such a great Oscar nominated documentary.
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    I liked this one. A little confusing, but it made me gasp and gave me goosebumps, and that's always good.
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    Hacksaw Ridge
    I liked this one too. Incredible true story!