1. 2009
  2. I was going on a double date with my boyfriend and my cousin and his wife, @caiters. My boyfriend and cousin were best friends, so this was not a weird thing.
  3. The three of them picked me up at my apartment. When I got to the car, the guys informed the girls that we would have to figure out clues throughout the night, leading us to each location.
  4. I was excited. My boyfriend regularly planned elaborate, creative dates, so this wasn't anything out of the ordinary.
  5. We started in downtown Fort Worth, TX and had several stops throughout the night: Boomerjacks for drinks, Joe's Crab Shack for appetizers, AT&T Stadium (where the Dallas Cowboys play) for a fun picture, Cheesecake Factory (where we had our first date) for dinner and dessert, and finally to a parking garage in downtown Dallas.
  6. I was very familiar with this garage, because it was at the bottom of my high school. I went to a private school in downtown Dallas, and the high school was on the 11th floor. I thought we were going to park and leave our car to walk to a big New Year's Eve party or something.
  7. By this time it was about 11:45pm, so I knew we needed to be somewhere soon to countdown to the new year.
  8. We got in the elevator, and I immediately pushed the button for the 11th floor out of habit...even though I had been out of high school for ten years.
  9. They just said, "Well, you can show us where you went to school."
  10. When the elevator opened, we got out and I showed them the glass door enclosed elevator lobby.
  11. They pushed on one of the doors, and it was unlocked. Then I got super nervous. My dad worked at the school, and I knew there were lots of security cameras and security guards watching. I just knew they would be up there any minute.
  12. Of course my friends all wanted me to show them around the floor, so I quickly took my boyfriend and showed him my dad's office and where I had classes. My cousin and his wife didn't follow us, but I didn't even notice.
  13. When we got to the library, the door was open, and he went in. I was freaked out that it was unlocked, but he pulled me in, and I saw a winter wonderland setup.
  14. At that moment, I knew what was happening.
  15. Right at midnight, my boyfriend proposed, and it was awesome.
  16. But immediately after I said yes, a series of things happened that made me kinda freak out.
  17. I heard my dad's voice over the loudspeaker, announcing our engagement.
  18. I saw our friend pop up from behind a table, filming the whole thing.
  19. My cousin (who had been with us all night) and two other friends popped up from behind the desk, playing the guitar and accordion and singing NKOTB's "Please Don't Go Girl" (which was my childhood dream).
  20. My parents, brother, cousin's wife (who had been with us all night), and my other cousin, @KikiHines all walked in at that moment too.
  21. I was so surprised, and it couldn't have gone any better.
  22. That was my best New Year's Eve.
  23. 😊