As a 5th grade teacher, I always secretly loved it when students passed notes in my class. It was so fun getting to take them up and read about all of their drama 😂 See Vol. 4 here: NOTES I PICKED UP DURING CLASS (VOL. 4)
  1. To Aaron (Locker 51) From K. Please tell the truth. Leave this in the garbage.
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  2. You and Karina make a good couple.
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  3. Do you like Karina? I won't tell anybody. Now tell. Circle Yes, No, Maybe. Do you see the face?
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  4. The face
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  5. Today you and Karina were flirting.
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  6. Kissing. First comes love, second comes marriage, third comes baby in baby carriage.
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  7. The whole note: front
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  8. The whole note: back
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  9. 😘