I taught 5th Grade for eleven years, and I wrote down the funny/ridiculous things my students said. See Vol. 16 here: QUOTES FROM MY 5TH GRADE STUDENTS (VOL. 16)
  1. "At the beginning of the year when I first met you, I thought you were Paris Hilton."
  2. "What's a baby that has back?"
  3. "I've always wanted to ask this question...how many years is it from 1847 to 1931?"
  4. "I keep picturing you with a sideways hat and a big clock like Flavor Flav."
  5. "My brother shaved my leg."
  6. "I can't wait to be a teacher so I can eat donuts."
  7. "I'm scared of the police...I've had to deal with them a lot."
  8. "My teeth get rusty."
  9. Student: (Making noises) Me: "Stop it." Student: "But I'm in my happy place."
  10. "If I get snatched, it's gonna be after I'm eleven. That's for sure."