I taught 5th Grade for eleven years, and I wrote down the funny/ridiculous things my students said. See Vol. 21 here: QUOTES FROM MY 5TH GRADE STUDENTS (VOL. 21)
  1. "It's Wednesday! I gotta watch BET!"
  2. "I have to be as tall as my mom to be able to go party with her."
  3. "You know how old people are saggy?"
  4. "Don't twitch your eyebrow at me."
  5. "Some music is happy, but it sounds kind of scary to me."
  6. "I was at lunch and the teacher said, 'Boy!' and I said, 'Woman!' and then I ran away and got milk."
  7. Student: "Sometimes schools should have cameras in the classroom." Me: "Why?" Student: "To see if teachers be beatin' the kids."
  8. "I hardly have any armpit hairs. He has way more than me."
  9. Me: "I was in a lot of plays in high school." Student: "Were you the tall elf?"
  10. "I was just standing here listening to your speech...of doom."