I taught 5th Grade for eleven years, and I wrote down the funny/ridiculous things my students said. See Vol. 24 here: QUOTES FROM MY 5TH GRADE STUDENTS (VOL. 24)
  1. "If I see a hot girl choking and needing some air, I would gladly give her some air."
  2. "I can eat a whole lime, and for some reason, I feel like doing it right now."
  3. "What if, when you were born, you didn't come out screaming, but you came out singing Chris Brown!"
  4. "I never knew cheerleaders worked out. I just thought they showed off the boys. I mean, I know they have to be tight for the boys."
  5. Me: "You fly to L.A.?" Student: "Yeah, I do poker a lot."
  6. "When I wear a jacket, I get really mad and stressed out."
  7. "When you were little, was stuff really cheap?"
  8. "She probably goes to a teacher nightclub."
  9. "Don't you think cavemen should be called hobos?"
  10. Student 1: "You have a mustache." Student 2: "I know, because I'm fully grown. I'm a real man."