I taught 5th Grade for eleven years, and I wrote down the funny/ridiculous things my students said. See Vol. 5 here: QUOTES FROM MY 5TH GRADE STUDENTS (VOL. 5)
  1. "Whenever I make something for my mom she says, 'Thank you Bailey, now will you go put it in the trash?' "
  2. (On a Mother's Day card he made) "I'll love you even when you take the long nap."
  3. "Remember this for when you get married...If you're in the bathroom, and your husband comes in and says he has to go to the bathroom, you'd better let him go because when a guy's gotta go, a guy's gotta GO!"
  4. (While looking at a READ poster with Kirk Cameron on it) "He's gotta be, like, ninety-nine."
  5. Me: "What would you do if you were lost in the woods and it got dark?" Student: "I would have a pocket knife in case I had to shank anybody."
  6. "Is Boyz 2 Men a suit place?"
  7. "The teacher is like a nice witch."
  8. Student 1: "He called me a whore!" Student 2: " I said OAR!"
  9. (After the nurse checked the back of her neck for lice) "Was she checking for diabetes?"
  10. "I don't have my homework because I left it in my other pants."