I taught 5th Grade for eleven years, and I wrote down the funny/ridiculous things my students said. See Vol. 7 here: QUOTES FROM MY 5TH GRADE STUDENTS (VOL. 7)
  1. Student 1: "My tooth is bleeding." Student 2: "Ew. It's like Kool-Aid."
  2. "Shirt, stomach...same thing!"
  3. "Is a face a feature on your face?"
  4. "When are you gonna plan for your retirement?"
  5. "Not by the hair of my armpit."
  6. "For some reason, he reminds me of a chihuahua."
  7. "Are you trying to lose weight so you can get a boyfriend?"
  8. "The teacher is a strong woman."
  9. Student: "What is B.C.?" Me: "Before Christ." Student: "Oh, I thought it was Before Comedy."
  10. Me: "Who do you think I'm working out for?" Student: "God, probably."