1. In 2006, I was living in my first post-college apartment and working as a teacher.
  2. One day, I returned home from work and found this taped to the front of my door.
    Cd41097f c66c 48bc 8a78 6269465dc1b7
  3. The Post-It note was apparently put on top with my building (1102) and apartment (205) numbers. As in, maybe someone stopped by the apartment office, knowing I lived there, but didn't know the exact apartment and wanted this delivered to my door.
  4. I took the Post-It note off and saw this.
    7b0376ed fdf4 4491 a26c 73272418680b
  5. Hmm...interesting.
  6. Then I opened the card.
  7. This is what I saw.
    80c05e67 d13c 48a4 90e0 8500d99fa726
  8. There were so many questions I had when I saw this. First of all, I've never heard of this spa place. Secondly, who knows my name, but isn't giving this to me in person? And the biggest question of all...who in the world would give a gift certificate for a manicure and massage and only sign their name as a question mark?!?
  9. At the time, I was not dating anyone, and I didn't know of anyone that would be giving me a gift certificate at this time of the year. It wasn't near my birthday or Christmas, and I did get lots of teacher presents for the end of the school year, but those were all given to me at school, by the students, not taped to the door of my home by a ?
  10. And the most frustrating part was that I would love to get a free manicure and massage, but you better believe there is no way I'm going to a place I've never heard of and getting a massage from possibly the creepy question mark itself!
  11. So, of course I never used the gift certificate, and the mystery remains to this day.
  12. 😯😳😖