My daughter is 17 months old and calls these things "dada" every time she sees them 😂
  1. Quaker Oats guy
    This is the newest addition to her father figures. We've been eating Cinnamon Life a lot recently, and every time she sees the box, she points and calls out, "Dada!"
  2. Herbie the Love Bug
    This is on the cover of a Disney storybook that she loves. There are other characters on the cover (Peter Pan or Captain Hook would more closely resemble her father) but Herbie is dada to her.
  3. This boy (girl?) in Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?
    This is one of her favorite books, and every time we get to the page with the children, she points and calls this one dada.
  4. This is her actual dad
    So, you can see how she might be confused by the close resemblance 😒