Every year since I was born, my family has celebrated Thanksgiving at my mom's cousin's farm. There are anywhere between 35 and 50-ish people there every time. Here are just a few of the weirder things that have occurred.
  1. Homeless Horse Rider
    A man that no one in the family knew previously sold all of his possessions to ride across the country on a horse. He somehow ended up staying in my relative's barn, so he was at their house (barn) on Thanksgiving.
  2. Kissin' Cousins
    There was a time when someone in the much older generation of the extended family attended Thanksgiving with her then husband...her first cousin.
  3. Mandatory Scavenger Hunt
    One year all the kids were told they HAD to participate in a scavenger hunt, which really ended up being a way to make all the kids pick up all the trash and junk in their huge yard.
  4. Human Pyramid
    We were taking the usual family photos, and someone had the grand idea to form a human pyramid with all the "younger" cousins. So, seventeen people piled on top of each other later, we had our pyramid.