Another @ChrisK suggestion. You're keeping me busy!
  1. Lie in bed. Compulsively check and refresh my email.
    Maybe someone will want to give me money today. Or maybe someone will want to give me work, but not money, and I'll have to figure out how to awkwardly quote my rates to them without being rude.
  2. Drink a giant mug of coffee.
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    Maybe two. And I mean giant. Here's a photo of the mug I used this morning next to a normal mug for scale.
  3. Walk my dog.
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    She is the best.
  4. Shower, dress, eat, etc.
  5. Go to my day job.
    Up until recently this was a shitty retail job that made me want to claw my eyes out. Now it's an editorial assistant job I love at a newspaper I used to freelance for. I still proofread the paper as part of my job, but I also do a lot of other things.
  6. Get home from my day job and work on freelance stuff until my eyes fall out of my head and roll around on the floor.
    Or get home, flop on the couch, and rewatch old episodes of Inside Amy Schumer if I don't have any freelance assignments.
  7. Lie in bed and anxiously wonder how much I'm going to owe in taxes this year.
    Without the W-2 job to offset what I owe, this is a very big concern for me.
  8. Go to sleep and hope that whoever wrote the last novel I edited decides to write a new one soon.
    The inherent problem with copy-editing as a career is that it takes a really fucking long time to write a book, so most of my clients only need me once a year or so. Maybe someday I'll get a cushy job at a publishing house and won't need to hustle anymore.