It's a common fallacy that it's better to ease new Springsteen listeners in with acoustic songs that aren't so "Springsteeny." As someone who was once a Springsteen denier, I know it does not work. If you don't like cheesy production, saxophone, and sexy yelps, you do not like Springsteen. That being said, this is the mix I'd have made me.
  1. "Night"
    Perfect song for getting pumped. Especially when you're about to go out after a long day at work. Refers to "the boss man giving you hell," which is just too Bruce.
  2. "Badlands"
    Quintessential Bruce voice on this one. Ideal for when you want to sing along to a song that features the lyric "I don't give a damn" twice.
  3. "Glory Days"
    This song is fun as hell, and appropriately catty towards people who have experienced success at an earlier age than I have.
  4. "I'm on Fire"
    This is the sexiest song ever written. If you think you've heard a song sexier than this one, you've been misinformed. The music video is delightfully cheesy--I would give anything to be that anonymous pair of high heels.
  5. "Fire"
    This is a different song than "I'm on Fire." It's got a fun sock hop vibe, and is also very sexy. Sometimes I think he just can't help it.
  6. "I'm Goin' Down"
    A perfect summation of that point in a relationship (usually right before it ends) when you just can't seem to do anything right anymore. Also has a slight fifties vibe.
  7. "Atlantic City"
    This is one of those less Springsteeny acoustic songs, but it's still pretty Springsteeny, and it amuses me to picture a chicken/man hybrid being blown up.
  8. "Born to Run"
    This one may seem obvious, but it is the perfect Springsteen song. It hits all the benchmarks: small town working class ambition, saxophone solo, plenty of sexy yelping (what we in the business refer to as a "Bruce freak out"), a false ending, and of course, sexy. A+++
  9. "Darkness On The Edge Of Town"
    The slow, methodical strum-and-croon lead-up to "Well if she wants to see me!" is the best introduction to a Bruce Punch In The Face™ that a newbie could ask for. Also, some *quality* Bruce Freak Out here.
    Suggested by @dereksimonid4
  10. "Hungry Heart" and/or "From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)"
    Two really wonderful, really fun, full on rock-out songs about horrible people doing horrible things in the name of love. Classic Boss theme.
    Suggested by @dereksimonid4