I never won the costume contest. Not once.
  1. A television
    The TV was made out of foam core board with tinfoil-covered sticks as antennae. There was a hole cut out for my face and shoulders--I was what was on TV! It sat on top of a foam table with a hole in the center that went around my waist. A floor-length black tablecloth covered my legs, and my mom glued an old remote and TV guide to the tabletop. I couldn't sit in it, and had to stand next to my desk all day at school. A face paint and black sweatpants cat won.
  2. A bunch of grapes
    Several purple balloons fastened to a purple shirt and purple leggings. A green beanie with a cutout paper leaf and stem. A popular girl's witch costume won.
  3. A bag of popcorn
    My mom sewed a giant red and white striped bag with internal suspenders and a little popcorn hat/hood. The rest of my popcorn was crumpled pieces of paper with different shades of yellow prismacolor marker to simulate butter. It was shockingly realistic. A store-bought SCREAM mask won.
  4. A Christmas tree
    The tree itself was made of felt, and had plastic ornaments hung all over it, but the real showstopper was the string of REAL LIGHTS that were battery powered, and operated via a switch in my pocket. They changed colors and speeds. The boy that everyone had a crush on won. He went as himself.