You don't have to torture yourself with identical pulsing beats on an endless loop to work up a decent sweat. Suggestions requested.
  1. Born to Run - Bruce Springsteen
    A-little-too-on-the-nose title aside, this is ideal for an evening run. You've worked all day and you're tired, and you need something that will get you PUMPED but not too pumped, cause you want to be in bed by 10, grandma. "Thunder Road" starts you off right, and "Night" and "Born to Run" both hit when you need that second wind. "Jungleland" is way too long, so you can spend those rough last ten minutes of your run thinking about how you're almost done if you can just get through this song.
  2. Most Sonic Youth albums
    This option offers the driving rhythm and songs that blend into one another that make EDM "good" for exercising, but with real instruments and without making you want to claw your own ears off.
  3. Magical Mystery Tour - The Beatles
    Great for a mellow jog. "I am the Walrus" is a better running song than you would ever believe. Just try it.
  4. White Stripes - The White Stripes
    Good if you're trying to beat a personal best for speed. Most good punk music also works for this, but you don't get that shrieky Jack White voice (I am aware that some of you probably view this as a plus) or thuddy Meg drumming (again, possibly an acquired taste).