I liked the soundtrack a lot
  1. The entire main cast is white except the small child that has approx five lines even though it's set in New York City
    I never understand this, NYC is v diverse how is everyone around white??
  2. Main character is 30 something, used to be impressive but can't write a novel white male
    Gosh I've never seen this before
  3. Zoe Kazan and her boyfriend live in most expensive city and have no money but are so excited to have a baby
    I don't believe it (but I liked her character the best and thought she had all the best lines and also didn't find her boyfriend as creepy as any other men in this movie
  4. Why is main character so creepy. Do people really invite people they just met to live with them for three days, is this something that I'm missing out on?? Also do people just find children on the subway and semi adopt them?? And please stop kissing women to shut them up when they are arguing???
    He seems like an idiot literally says I can't write a novel because I had such an easy life but this little black child will have so much material for his artistry
  5. I don't understand why the characters named Sam can't take no for an answer??
    Sam #2 will not let malin break up with him and I don't like it (I understand that she is has low self worth and sometimes you have to hear nice things from other people instead of yourself but why does he have to force this and why is she all of the sudden into it??) and Sam #1 is an overgrown child who refuses to let Kate Mara go but also treats her like shit and doesn't do anything that she wants him to do??
  6. Kate Mara tells main character that she doesn't want to be involved with him because he's a mess and she's a mess and he says.... Let's clean each other up????
    Am I just not romantic? I don't understand the appeal of any of this
  7. Main character get arrested for kidnapped small child off subway and this is just glossed over?
    Like hello you just kept a child in your apartment and left him there while you went out to pick up woman and bring her home and WHY IS THIS NOT A BIG DEAL you just get bailed out and go visit him at his nice new foster home?
  8. I can't tell if I'm horribly unromantic? Or if this movie is actually filled with shitty characters and an unrealistic storyline
    Someone please tell me I'm right