wake up sad, go to bed happy
  1. One of my fav people came into the pub
    I haven't seen him as much cause relationships but we had some quality time together and we just love each other a lot
  2. My best friend is potentially moving home
    This is also kinda sad because it means her relationship is ending but damn it was a shitty relationship
  3. Another person that I love told me he loved me
    Can't hear it enough
  4. Had a family dinner of all my fav friends at my house
    It wasn't my turn to cook but we all hung out and the fire was going and ate really good food and drank lots of wine
  5. One of those favs is moving away for a couple months and will miss her dearly but can look on the positive side and realize that she will be back quite soon; just in time for summer
  6. I've had enough wine that everything seems rose coloured
  7. The moral of the story is this: sometimes you can wake up and feel so shitty and sad and think such bad things and still have a full lovely life with great people and great moments