This list assumes you remember THIS one is the one with Parker Posey, Scott Foley and Jenny McCarthy. ACTORS YOU FORGOT ARE IN SCREAM 2 HERE: ACTORS YOU FORGOT ARE IN SCREAM 2
  1. Kelly Rutherford
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    She plays Cotton's girlfriend who meets a quick end along with him at the beginning of the movie.
  2. Patrick Dempsey
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    Playing a real cop in a sea of people who think they're qualified to handle murderers because I guess they are and how are Dewey and Gail and Sidney NOT dead?
  3. Emily Mortimer
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    She plays Sidney is Stab 3 and is stars truck upon meeting real Sidney and we're meant to believe she might be the killer at one point which is hilarious.
  4. Jay and Silent Bob (since it's a cameo as these characters I'm leaving this as their names)
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    They just walk by them on set. I forgot it happened because it is not memorable.
  5. Carrie Fisher
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    Unlike *THIS* cameo which I can't NOT talk about. This is a screenshot I took from the movie to use as my Facebook cover photo. 💅🏻
  6. Patrick Warburton
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    Totalllllllly forgot Puddy is the security guard to Parker Posey's character. He dies. Sorry.
  7. Heather Mattarazzo
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    She plays the little sister to killed-in-Scream 2-Jamie-Kennedy. Holding a VHS that says "Scary Movies 101" which Randy had recorded before dying.