I went to a Bob's Burgers table read today.

Here is the visual story.
  1. My friend @NickBossRoss invited me to a Bob's Burgers table read.
  2. Well actually I found out about it and aggressively texted him begging to join.
  3. Today we went.
  4. This is where we started freaking out.
  5. And then we just kept freaking out.
  6. We have no chill.
  7. Literally none.
  8. At this point I decided I wanted to live at their offices.
  9. Is this a good time to mention I was Louise for Halloween the years Bob's Burgers premiered?
  10. Bah!
  11. I laughed like a maniac the entire time.
  12. Then forced Nick to take this photo.
  13. Me.