Add suggestions!
  1. Instagram
    My favorite social media app before List App existed (not even joking, I love this thing)
  2. Phhhoto
    Moving stills! Selfies are going to a whole new level
  3. VSCOcam
    For that cool Hipstamatic vibe since we all abandoned Hipstamatic
  4. PicFrame
    You can have stills and video in the same frame! Perfect for Coachella/concerts
  5. Camera+
    To do the futzing yourself. Hot tip: clarity + HDR filter = trippy goodness
  6. AfterLight
    To put pesky pics that aren't square into a square for IG or to just put a heart frame around anything.
  7. Flipagram
    To set a tons of stills to music! Perfect for your friends' birthdays on IG or just narcissism!