In the spirit of making the list @annahendrick requested, I will refrain from writing "LITERALLY EVERYONE, BOB INCLUDED" - also I am playing fast and loose with the term "resident of Twin Peaks."
  1. Audrey Horne
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    Everyone IN Twin Peaks would also make out with her, her dad included (gllllllllllll)
  2. Special Agent Dale Cooper
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    Like, DUH.
  3. Denise Bryson
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    I'm DTMO with David Duchovny in any role at any time.
  4. Shelly Johnson
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    Ohhhhh boy. So many feelings towards Shelly and Madchen Amick. Would obviously be hoping that by making out she would transfer her looks to me.
  5. Bobby Briggs
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    Heart. Throb.
  6. Harold Smith
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    He's an agoraphobe so he'll always be home to make out. Plus maybe he can teach me some French.
  7. Leland, pre-BOB
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    Suggested by @annahendrick
  8. Sheriff Harry Truman
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    Suggested by @annahendrick
  9. Hawk
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    That earring tho
    Suggested by @annahendrick
  10. Mrs. Tremond's Grandson
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    ...too creepy?
    Suggested by @annahendrick
  11. Annie Blackburn!
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    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  12. John Justice Wheeler!
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    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  13. This guy, who dances down the halls of the high school in the pilot
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    Chill AF
    Suggested by @annahendrick