In the spirit of making the list @annahendrick requested, I will refrain from writing "LITERALLY EVERYONE, BOB INCLUDED" - also I am playing fast and loose with the term "resident of Twin Peaks."
  1. Audrey Horne
    Everyone IN Twin Peaks would also make out with her, her dad included (gllllllllllll)
  2. Special Agent Dale Cooper
    Like, DUH.
  3. Denise Bryson
    I'm DTMO with David Duchovny in any role at any time.
  4. Shelly Johnson
    Ohhhhh boy. So many feelings towards Shelly and Madchen Amick. Would obviously be hoping that by making out she would transfer her looks to me.
  5. Bobby Briggs
    Heart. Throb.
  6. Harold Smith
    He's an agoraphobe so he'll always be home to make out. Plus maybe he can teach me some French.
  7. Leland, pre-BOB
    Suggested by   @annahendrick
  8. Sheriff Harry Truman
    Suggested by   @annahendrick
  9. Hawk
    That earring tho
    Suggested by   @annahendrick
  10. Mrs. Tremond's Grandson
    ...too creepy?
    Suggested by   @annahendrick
  11. Annie Blackburn!
    Suggested by   @Grosstastic
  12. John Justice Wheeler!
    Suggested by   @Grosstastic
  13. This guy, who dances down the halls of the high school in the pilot
    Chill AF
    Suggested by   @annahendrick