Obviously watch The Jinx but also - and not so obviously - THEN watch All Good Things and laugh and laugh
  1. His speech pattern
    Lots of comedy to be taken from THAT
  2. The fact that he owned multiple dogs named the same thing
    Just like Faye's dead ex-husbands all being named George on "Wings"!
  3. His lack of self awareness
    He can get into a lot of scrapes with that!
  4. The way his face twitches and he blinks all the time
    Can get into a lot of sticky situations if someone thinks he's winking at them!
  5. The fact that he lived and dressed as a woman as a way to hide
    It's a Bosom Buddies re-boot!
  6. The way that he was on the run and got caught because he stole a sandwich at a grocery store
    Can you imagine his "aw shucks" to camera at the end?
  7. The way he spells out everything through his discussions with himself
    Perfect button to every ep
  8. The way he says "bye bye!"
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  9. Every couple of episodes he could dismember someone
    So many opportunities for physical comedy.
    Suggested by @ChrisK
  10. He can't spell!
    And that's how he always gets caught in a lie #Beverley
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy