Or before any meeting
  1. That I won't get there on time
    I leave so early for things like this that this is near-impossible but still causes me stress
  2. That I won't be able to follow the "go here and check in" directions
  3. That someone will see me look vaguely lost and pity me
  4. That I will spill something on my clothes right before
  5. That they will see my phone case covered in stickers and find it child-like rather than charming
    This is a constant concern of mine though not enough to change how I dress/what I carry with me
  6. That when they ask me my rate and I tell them what I SHOULD be making they'll just look up what I've made in the past and get mad at me
    (Same parent company as I just worked at)
  7. That I won't actually be qualified for this job even though I definitely am
    This is just always true. Crushing self-doubt!