I have a lot of downtime. They don't manage their time the best
  1. I read most of The Biographies of Ordinary People by Nicole Dieker last Friday and finished it the next day. It was lovely.
  2. Keep active in the wonderful thebillfold.com commentariat.
  3. Look for real jobs
  4. Lament the fact that I'm doing nothing there and it's so nice outside
  5. Look for a roommate.
  6. Lament the fact I'm 34 years old and need a roommate.
  7. Draw on my iPad.
  8. I got a Texture subscription and this week alone I read the New Yorker, two New York magazines, sports illustrated, real simple, health, and a rolling stone.
  9. Today I thanked past erin for buying all the Harry Potter books in iBooks with enhanced content with those gift cards and started the sorcerers stone again.
  10. Swipe through bumble and OkCupid and think about how I'm going to die alone