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I work as an engineer at a technical company. My cube neighbor is a constant source of amazement to me. Here I will transcribe the conversation he or she had with our IT department (the side I could hear, at any rate). All names have been changed to protect the ignorant WHOOPS I mean innocent.
  1. Hi, yes, I am having some trouble with my computer.
  2. Well, it was running slowly, so I shut it down.
  3. Now the light in the corner of the monitor is, sort of...pulsing?
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Just putting this here for myself...
  1. I know, Gizmo! I can't believe ListApp cut off your ears!
I have huge anxiety about not being as awesome as everybody else on this app, so it took me a really long time to list anything. Presented with logic for NOT writing that list.
  1. People I Hate At Work
    Yeah, everyone has Woman With Too Much Old Lady Perfume at their job, don't they? Also, my first list would be saying how much better I am than other people, and that just seems like a bad way to start off.
  2. Musical Theatre Songs I Identify With
    Basically an excuse to put out into the universe that I think I am more of a Burr than a Hamilton. Also couldn't flesh out more than a couple entries at the time. Oh, and it ended with a preposition, which bugged me.
  3. Disney Princesses, Ranked (By Usefulness)
    Wait, am I using Ranked right? Anyway, this will probably end up as a future list.
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