Tips and trick to maximize your experience.
  1. Snack beforehand.
    It stretches your stomach.
  2. Go at the end of the lunch or brunch timeframe.
    That way you pay the cheaper price but get both that and dinner.* (*Does not apply if they close between meals.)
  3. Don't start too aggressively.
    You don't want to fill up on carbs or protein too fast.
  4. Switch from salty to sweet.
    It's scientifically proven to help you eat more.
  5. Avoid salad.
    Like, why would you ever eat salad at a buffet?? (But I wouldn't judge you because maybe it's your dream to have unlimited lettuce!!)
  6. Limit your fluids.
    Don't waste prime stomach real estate on booze or soda or water. Stay hydrated but don't over do it. And booze won't even make an impact if you're really maximizing the food so don't bother.
  7. Take bathroom breaks and breathers.
    Make more room, and catch your breath (but not for too long because you don't wanna digest too much and get full before your next round).
  8. Go with someone with an appetite of equal or greater mean sure.
    Judgement NOT welcome.