Serious inquiries only, must live in LA. This is not a drill. Has anyone found love on here yet?? I'm not sure what I'm doing with this list but go with me ok?
  1. Hi, I'm Erin
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  2. I live in Los Angeles
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    West side, but super fond of mid-city and east side you guys! Not one of those "I don't cross the 405" types). Side note: I always see squirrels around town and they crack me up.
  3. I'm a public relations manager
    People always think it's super glam and I just party and schmooze, but i do those things because they are part of who I am, not my job. Kidding! I do for PR for a kids brand, it's not glam but it's really fun!
  4. I also dabble with writing and storytelling
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    #NaNoWriMo, stories (me telling a story I wrote, pictured), online articles, a blog, etc... [Full transparency: I write about my dating life but not if the guy knows about my blog, and then only if he's a jerk (he remains anon.), or is super nice (still remains anon.). I won't write about you unless we discuss and you're weirdly excited about it. Phew glad we got that out of the way.]
  5. I have a dog named Dracula
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  6. My family is super important to me
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    I'm lucky to live just 30 mins from them, so I get to visit often. Today my sweet Italian grandma (pictured) sent me home with cookies and a new book. Thrilling!
  7. I love to try new things and explore LA and beyond
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    I like to take classes (most recently: tap dance aerobics) and see new places (camping at El Capitan State Beach), visit old favorites (NYC this month!)
  8. Big fan of comedy shows, going out dancing to oldies, and eating good food
  9. I'm tired of LA's dating scene, but I haven't lost hope in the idea of connecting with a fellow human
    Dating is exhausting, and I think especially so in a city like LA! But I know there are good people out there I just haven't met yet.
  10. I don't like to play games
    Dating games, that is! Don't you think it's so mean when people strategically take forever to reply to texts or totally ghost you?? Let's be nice. (I love me some Jenga though.)
  11. I'm looking for someone I love to hang out with who loves hanging out with me too, and that's a metaphor for our entire relationship
    I want to be in a relationship where both people are super excited about each other's lives and encourage and support and cheer each other on... THIS IS PROBABLY WHY I LOVE THE LIST APP!!! you're all so nice!
  12. I'm losing direction for this list because it has been a lot of talking about myself and that's why dating online is so hard
  13. If you think we might hit it off, tell me your favorite place to eat dessert in LA
    I realize this is not the best way to see if we'd hit it off, but I really value dessert so I'm also just curious about your faves
  14. Also open to any questions you may have for me, bring it!