When I got the invite a month ago it seemed so far away, but the RSVP cutoff is now a week away and these are my options
  1. RSVP for myself because it's the truth and go alone and have a great time
    This is just reality
  2. RSVP for myself and magically find a +1 in the next 7 days and have to change my RSVP last minute (rude!)
  3. RSVP for myself +1 because I'm an optimist and magically find one in a week like a god dammed Lifetime movie
    It's the season to meet creepy old men who ends up being Santa and granting you love! (Or at least watch movies about it)
  4. RSVP for myself +1 because I'm delusional, and show up at check in alone and be like "oh he's sick it's just me sorry"