I love this movie so much. A step by step guide to being a psycho! Thank you Andie Anderson for this how-to gem✨
  1. Ask him to get you a soda when there's 1:09 left in the game
    And then make him go back for diet so he misses the end
  2. Call him in the middle of the workday when he's in a meeting
    Sound like a psychopath baby and call him cheesy pet names
  3. Talk to him during a movie and accuse him of thinking about another girl
    When another theater-goer gets mad you're talking, tell him your boyfriend will fight him
  4. Add girly pink decor to his apartment on your 3rd date
    While singing You're So Vain
  5. Get him a love fern, compare it to your relationship
    "A tender little baby in need of love and care"
  6. Cry when he serves you lamb
    "Mary had a little lamb"
  7. Accuse him of thinking you're fat
    And cry about it to your server when you're out to dinner
  8. "Princess Sophia"
    "Little big little big we will find out!" is one of the best lines in cinematic history
  9. Pop into his work exclaiming "Muffin!" and bring the dog you bought for you two
    Do this on date five and get yourselves and the dog matching outfits
  10. Use photoshop to composite your faces together and make a family album
    Get his photos from his mother without ever having been introduced
  11. Fill his bathroom cabinet with tampons
    They actually play horror music in the movie as he's finding this!! LOL
  12. Crash his poker night
    Make the guys trade our pizza for cucumber sandwiches (so random), put out their cigars, make him blow his nose into a tissue in your hands. (He calls her a "one woman homage to the exorcist"--another line that's pure GOLD)
  13. The couples therapy 7 days in
    Too good
    No one has ever had so much fun playing bullshit! Did you ever notice when he takes his helmet off when he teaches her to ride his motorcycle... DANGEROUS!! Then there's the moment she cries because his mom hugged her and meant it, right before their steamy shower hookup
  15. Ok back to crazyville!
  16. Interrupt Marvin Hamlisch on stage at a party to make the guy sing, which turns into a drunken duet of You're So Vain
    Please pay special attention to how adorable Marvin is in this scene!
  17. Use a guy to get ahead at work
    By dating him to write an article called "How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days"
  18. Ok I'm gonna go enjoy the rest of the movie now because she's done torturing him into ending things with her!!
  19. Romance time!!
  20. Mikes back
    Dreams coming true for Michelle! He has flowers! They only dated for a week, but he missed the smell of her perfume from his pillow. This stuff doesn't happen you guys
  21. K seriously done