Thank you @H!
  1. My dad texted me that I received a package
    I had used his address because I was moving and not sure of my new one
  2. I KNEW it had to be from my Secret Santa!
  3. I drove over ASAP to pick it up
    Literally left work as soon as my meetings wrapped
  4. I immediately noticed that the return address was from just down the road!
    From a fellow SoCal girl, as Hannah noted 😊
  5. I ripped open the package to see a little beacon of nostalgia...
  6. A disposable camera!!!
  7. Clearly she read some of my lists, based on her suggestions of what to capture 🏡🐶
  8. So I started making a list of all the things I was going to take pictures of ... because that just seemed appropriate ... (in addition to my apartment and pup) and one of them was my 5 y/o niece, who will be visiting soon
  9. And then I got so excited to let her take some pictures too because she looooves using iPhones and digital cameras
  10. And I can't wait to teach her about the olden days
    I don't think she's ever seen a non-digital picture be printed!!!!!
  11. Thank you @H - what a clever gift! I can't wait to snap away 📸
  12. (And props for your one-letter handle)
  13. Also thank you @ChrisK !!! 🎅🏻 This was really fun and special.