It's been an entertaining 2 weeks and I've caught up on a lot... Now I need more, but I need your help!
  1. Binged: Master of None
  2. Binged: You're The Worst
    Not you!! THE SHOW (lol dumb)
  3. Binged: Jessica Jones
    Not my typical genre but loved it! WHAT ELSE AM I MISSING OUT ON!?
  4. Binged: Parenthood season 6
  5. Watching: Crazy Ex GF
    The first show I've started watching weekly in ages
  6. Watching: Modern Family
    My mom records it and we watch a few eps at a time and if Phil Dunphy could be my husband I'd be pleased
  7. Anticipating: Catastrophe
    NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THIS SHOW!! I cannot wait for season 2.
  8. Anticipating: Transparent
    OMG did you watch Season 2 Ep 1?? I had forgotten so much.
  9. Anticipating: Grace & Frankie
  10. Anticipating: Broad City
  11. Always on: Friends
  12. Now that you understand who I am and where I'm at, any suggestions based on this info?! I know a lot of good shows are missing because I left some off and only noted recent binges, but I'm looking for newer stuff or hidden gems☺️
  13. Dance Academy
    It's some Australian show that is on Netflix. Its about a ballet school. The episodes are ~25 minutes or less and it's just a nice show to have on. Plus there's pretty dancing!
    Suggested by @evak
  14. As far as binging goes, do you like the Scandal/How to Get Away With Murder Shows? They are the best to binge and I am obsessed.
    Suggested by @srush
  15. Also, The Mindy Project?
    Suggested by @srush