From intros to marriage in 60 seconds.
  1. {Sees guy}
    He's not ugly, maybe even cute? Is he my type? Do I have a type? Note to self: explore types later.
  2. Meets guy.
    He has a name, a nice smile AND he's still talking to me? Very interesting...
  3. Finds something in common.
    You also breath air and eat food to survive? Oh my gosh this is actually pretty incredible but, me too.
  4. Laugh together.
    WE HAVE THE SAME SENSE OF HUMOR?? I love you too.
  5. Wonder...
  6. Part ways.
    Note to self: check Missed Connections this week. This will be such a cute story to tell our grandkids.
  7. Be delusional for 24 hours.
    Feel like I have a boyfriend because I talked to a cute boy for 5 mins.
  8. Move on.
    Reality sets in and I forget about him because...
  9. {Seed another cute guy.}