1. Braids
    I have short fine hair so no braid will hold and if it does it looks kinky and like a rat tail. Your horse like manes give me envy, but I could live without 10000 articles about the next big braid.
  2. "Squad goals"
    This just feels kind of exclusive
  3. Nail art
    Expectation vs. reality... Always disappoints.
  4. "Bae"
    Why we still using this? I feel like it's been awhile. Also i don't have one.
  5. Crop tops
    That is the last part of my body I'd want to showcase. Power to those who do!!
  6. Hacks
    Honestly LEARNING hacks takes more time than just doing it regularly
  7. "Netflix and chill"
    Can it go away please?
  8. Bye, Felicia
    Suggested by @biz
  9. High waisted cut off jean shorts
    Flatter no one.
    Suggested by @ashlee
  10. Toast
    I love toast. I don't want to get rid of toast. But why, WHY must it be a trendy thing?
    Suggested by @LizDawson